Module 4: Body Wash

In this module, you will learn the best techniques to wash the car, which products and equipment are the best, and some of the areas people tend to neglect while washing a vehicle.

Washing Techniques

Washing the vehicle is an important step in car detailing. There are many techniques out there of the best ways to wash the car and every car detailer has their preferred method.

The most widespread method is first rinsing the car to remove any loose dust and debris from the surface.

After that, you can use snow foam to remove even more debris, and reduce the risk of causing scratches during the next stage.

After rinsing off the foam, you can move onto the so-called two bucket contact wash method. This method entails filling one bucket with the wash solution and the other with plain water.

During this step, it is very important that you use a good quality car shampoo and high-quality microfiber fabric to avoid any scratching.

You can work on the outside of the car in small sections, rinsing your cloth between each section to ensure you don’t get the cleaning solution dirty.

Importance of a Wash

The car wash is an important step in the detailing process. It is the first thing that the customer notices.

No matter how hard you work vacuuming the seats, cleaning all the compartments, and performing other detailing work, if the wash is not perfectly done, the customer will not appreciate your efforts.


We have already covered some of the products needed for a car wash, including a good quality car shampoo and a microfiber cloth.

There are several other tools and products that can come in handy while doing a car wash.

Investing in good-quality microfiber cloths or even mitts is a good idea for a car detailing business. There’s no replacement for it and, with the correct care, they can last you for a long time.

Additionally, getting some attachments for your water hose can go a long way. There are many hard-to-reach places, both inside and outside of the car, and a rotating brush attachment can help you get rid of all the dirt in such areas.

Best Equipment

There are several necessary tools you will need for car washing. The first and foremost is a garden hose. Unlike the pressure washer, a simple hose can gently rinse off the car.

The pressure washer can be used to perform more difficult tasks, such as getting rid of the built-on dirt and grime.

During a car wash, you will need various brushes to get into hard-to-reach areas, especially on the wheels and the undercarriage.

Frequently Overlooked Areas

Even the most experienced car detailers can forget to clean certain parts of the vehicle. There are many small spaces in the car that are difficult to reach and can be accidentally overlooked.

The undercarriage is also frequently overlooked during car washes, despite tending to be the dirtiest part of the vehicle. There are many important car parts beneath the main body of a vehicle and neglecting them can lead to a variety of problems, including making a vehicle unsafe to drive.

During a car wash, many detailers forget to pay enough attention to the wheels and rims. Since they are harder to clean, they require special brushes to reach into the crevices.

Other commonly neglected areas include the windshield wipers. Despite providing protection from water and debris, they can get quite dirty themselves.

Making Your Job Easier

While washing a car, you can fall into the trap of overdoing it. Even though it’s extremely important to pay attention to the details, a good auto detailer should know when to stop.

Sometimes, using extra shampoo or extra dressing isn’t necessary to achieve the best results. If a car is in good condition to begin with, and doesn’t require much work, don’t make your job harder by performing unnecessary steps, unless a customer specifically asks for it.